Friday, September 12, 2008

September 11 Rededication Ceremony at Riverside Fire Station #5

This event marked seven years since the attacks on the United States. Those honored were the Firefighters from Riverside who rose to the call of duty and risked their lives to help Firefighters in New York. A memorial plaque was unveiled along with a beautiful sculpture called the "Tripod" donated to the City of Riverside by Artist James Rosati. Mayor Loveridge spoke for the Firefighters along with Chief Laycock and Battalion Chief Michael Koury, USAR Task Force Leader. Here are the Names of those honored.

Dave Austin, Fred Bayer, Gary Beese, Walt Bieszczad, Gregg Bluma,

Anthony Burciago, Michael Esparza, Greg Feinberg, Todd Gooch, Peter Habib,

George Hall, Lawayne Hearn, Wayne Hess, Timothy Heying, Scott hutching,

Dirk Jensen, Steven Jeremiah, Michael Koury,

Andy Lanyi, Don Lee, David Lesh, Robert Linden,

Charles Luna, Randy Malacarne, David McClellen,

Steven McKinster, Timothy Rise, John Russell,

Steven Scotti

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